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About Me

A wife, for a handsome guy who loved her so much.

A mommy, for a handsome lil' boy named Rasya.

A hard worker, put her attention in every single things which become her responsibility.

Her passions are design, cooking, photography and writing. But she also enjoys psychology and put it into her another new passions: teaching and sharing.

Music is her life. Can't work without music. A green iPod nano is the must have items. Her favorite artists are Super Junior (yes, she is a K-Pop lover!), Maliq and d'essentials, Dira Sugandhi, Kahitna, Rio Febrian and RAN. She also get into 70s-80s-90s songs and boy bands. You wouldn't find any TOP 40 songs in her iPod.

She enjoys quality time with her boys: husband and son. Playing with Rasya, breastfeeding Rasya, talking something funny or the serious one, cooking and pillow talk :") 

One of her dream is already accomplished: being a mother. Just because she loves motherhood: nurturing, protecting and loving. 

Now, she live in a small town in East Borneo, Indonesia. Although she was a big city girl, but she can enjoy live in a small town. Because she loves slow down stuffs, where all things going in slow pace, not in a rush. Lil'bit slower, but sure it will going to the next step!

Either you run the day or the day runs you.
Jim Rohn