Feel so much better now!

12:30 PM
If you brave to say 'goodbye', life will reward you to a new 'HELLO' ~ Paulo Coelho
I got this quote from my very best friend, Nelly.  Thank you, Loy. Those words made me warmth and felt so much better.

Even though, it's really hard to forget.

I feel better physically, except for some 'dizzy' stuffs.
Psychologically, I need some simple therapy.
A very simple therapy that makes me feel happy and excited.
What kind of therapies?

Hug. Hundred hugs from my husband, parents, brothers, and friends!
 Cooking. There are many recipes that I haven't tried yet. Every time I cook, I can make my husband happy, and so do I!

Shopping. When will I go to Samarinda or Balikpapan?

Sleeping. What else can be better than this? I love to sleep earlier every night.

How about you?

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