I'm craving for this!

10:05 AM
I'm really craving for this! I've managed to get some of these foods. But I still have a very long wish list of my craving! Two weeks later, I'm going to Jakarta, where I can finish my wish list! Can't wait for the day! ;)
Sale pisang. Can't get enough of this! | source here
Dates palm fruit a.k.a kurma | source here

pangsit goreng
Pangsit goreng Bakmi GM always be the best! | source here

Bakmi Special GM *nelen ludah* | source here
Stamina roll Sushi Naga | source here

Pikachu roll Sushi Naga, yummy!


  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    hmmm yummy... puasa puasa jadi pengen ih hehehehe

  2. Mohon dimakmlumi, namanya juga bumil. kepengennya macem2 :D


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